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Here is COCO XL, the electric scooter “Harley Davidson”. Very pleasant to drive, with an important  autonomy and  power with its engine 1000W.

” It’s very easy to drive “

” Try it, you’re gonna love it “

” It is not as other products where we are afraid of balance. It is still better that a bike, when you are on the COCO XL, you cannot fall. “

” I have never driven a scooter because that frightens me. But the COCO XL is much more stable thanks to the wheel’s width “



  • Autonomy: 35 km
  • Maximal speed: 35 kph
  • Maximum weight: 180 kg
  • Size of the seat: 700mm
  • Engine: 1000W
  • Type of battery: 12Ah / 60V battery Lithium
  • Charging time: 4/5 hours
  • Net weight: 60 kg